Mango Reed Diffuser

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1 Mango Reed diffuser - 50 ml. vial of fragrant oil and 4 wooden stems. Mango diffusers exude a sweet and onctuous fragrance, quickly reminding you of the  delicious flavor of the fruit.

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Mango Reed Diffuser

The diffuser emanate the scent of Mango by capillary action. You will find this fragrant Mango oil slightly peppery, with hints of peach, lemon, apricot, banana, and menthol. The mango tree is closely tied to Buddhism and this tree has been spreaded across Asia along with the religion. 
The appreciation of Mango is very widespread, making it the worldwide leader in terms of consumption, far ahead of apples. 

Reed diffusers are an easy and efficient way to freshen the air around your living space. With the reeds dipped into the oil in the container, the fragrant oil works itself up and gets dispersed into the air through the reed stems. It’s also a lovely accessory to have as a decorative item which creates a unique visual ambience while keeping the living spaces clear of unpleasant smells.

User Guide:

First, remove the seal and the rubber cap carefully. Then immerse the 4 wooden stems in the vial containing the fragrant oil. The scent can last for up to 4 weeks, depending on usage. If need be, the intensity of the fragrance can be increased or reduced by simply adding or removing the reeds to your desire. Turn the stems upside down every few days to prolong the fragrance.

Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid extended exposure to a heat source or open flame. In case of direct contact with the skin, rinse the skin surface immediately with plenty of water.


1 vial of fragrant oil (50 ml.) + 4 wooden stems for diffusion.


Fragrant Oil, Water, Perfume Solvent (Dipropylene glycol).

Made in Thailand

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