Isaan Kit

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The Isaan Kit is an inside light garland composed of 20 balls colored in the following tones : creamy white, ocher yellow, and caramel brown.

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Isaan Kit

The Isaan kit is composed of 7 creamy white balls, 7 ocher yellow balls and 6 caramel brown balls. Isaan is one of the biggest region of Thailand. Situated in the north-east part of the country, it is poorer, composed of arid plateau and at the border with Lao and Cambodia.

The light garlands are an amazing idea for decorate any room of your home up to your fancy. They will create a hushed atmosphere who can became the main part of your decoration composition, or be settled in the back to have a discreet light which is still there. The joy is to be able of changing at any time the garland's position depend of your imagination.

Technical data :

20 balls made of cotton impregnated with pigment / diameter approx. 7 centimeters.

Garland total length  : 3 meters

White plastic wire.

French standard plug.

20 incandescent light bulbs + 3 replacement light bulbs.

220-240 V AC, 50 Hz, Max 120 W.

CE conformity certificate for inside light garland.

Made in Thailand.

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